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About Thames Tideway Tunnel

River Thames is at the heart of London, but in recent years it has often been overlooked.

Tideway wants to help change all that. We are recruiting talented people to help us deliver our ambition of re-invigorating a much under-used social, environmental and economic asset.

We are a new company, launched in August 2015, with one task: delivering a new tunnel to protect the tidal River Thames from the tens of millions of tonnes of sewage pollution discharged into it every year, via overflow points built into the capital’s overstretched, largely Victorian sewerage network.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel  is one of the largest construction projects of its type in Europe. Main construction work on the tunnel, starting in 2016, will take up to seven years to complete.

But it’s not just an engineering project, it’s about building a London that meets the needs of generations to come.

More importantly, we want to reconnect London with its river.

Together we can clean up the Thames and so much more. Join us by applying for the jobs available here:

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