#Flextober: EY’s flexible check-in

Flex swirl

At EY, flexible working is business as usual. All roles are advertised as being open to flexibility, and employees are actively encouraged to find a pattern that suits both their professional and personal life.

But even the best systems need a regular check-up, so the firm’s leaders are keen to encourage people to take a step back and think about whether they’re working in the way that suits them best. The result is #Flextober; a month-long campaign designed to put flex at the front of employees’ minds.

A chance to reflect on the best way to flex

As Lynn Rattigan, EY’s Chief Operating Officer explains, “It can be easy to settle into a working pattern that suits you at a particular time of your life or career, and  carry on with it, even if your circumstances change.

“We empower our people to decide how, when and where they work to suit their own professional and personal ambitions. #Flextober is an opportunity to encourage them to take some time out to think about whether their working arrangement still matches their needs.”

Sharing stories to encourage and inspire others

During the campaign, employees are being encouraged to share their stories of how and why they flex. “Our people work flexibly in all sort of ways, for all sorts of reasons – to pursue passions, hobbies, to manage caring responsibilities or even set up their own business. Sharing their stories sparks others to think about how they can flex too.

“We’re hoping that the momentum created by the campaign will encourage everyone in our organisation to stop and think about their own best way forward.”

#Flextober can work for everyone

And while #Flextober might not yet exist outside of EY, anyone can take advantage of the principles behind it.

This article has been written in association with EY, one of our Timewise partners.

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