“We believe work is something we do, not somewhere we go”

to do not to beSue Evans, Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development Resources Group, Warwickshire County Council

As the largest employer in Warwickshire, we recognise the need for a diverse workforce with the capacity and skills to deliver good services for the people of Warwickshire. Attracting, progressing and retaining the best possible people, with the right skills and attributes to provide what is needed to build strong communities and a committed workforce for the future, is what is truly key to us. This is why flexible hiring matters.

We are proud to be working with Timewise and now fully supporting their Hire Me My Way campaign. Through our work with Timewise, we are now delivering flexibility across our workplace and creating a workforce which can deliver for our community.

We know that some of the best people may want to work part time and that talented people can make a contribution in many different ways.

We need to attract the best people and we recognise that the best people may be limited in the time they can work, but not in the contribution they can make. Better to have a great part time worker than an average full time worker or no worker at all, and a job share can deliver twice the capacity and ideas – what’s not to like?

Our Workforce Strategy identifies Flexibility and Agility as vital to our success. We need people who can respond to challenges, deliver differently and bring innovation and creativity to our work. We aim to make it possible for our business to deploy people as and when it requires and that means flexibly. We need to be able to respond with pace and professionalism in a wide range of situations and that means we need to be agile.  We want our staff to be able to have some choices in how, when and where they work to deliver our services.

We need our people to perform well, to be able to make the best contribution possible and we understand that flexibility allows people to manage their lives in balance and come to work ready to do their best. Wellbeing is important to us and we understand that when people are happy they can provide better customer service, be more productive and more effective. Working flexibly can help people to have a sense of control and manage stress better. A flexible workforce is a resilient workforce.

We want our people to think differently about work. “Work is something we do and not somewhere we go”. We can be more efficient in our use of office space, kinder to the environment and more focussed on what matters. Our managers are encouraged to manage by outcomes not attendance and we trust our people to get things done in the right way and at the right time.

Flexibility is something our employees value and we are proud to be able to promote flexible working at the point of hire. It makes sense to us to be clear that we can be flexible in the way we deploy people, offer them flexible working arrangements that enhances our business and creates the right environment for growth and development. We are a business and our people are key to our business effectiveness.

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