A strong culture of flexibility at Mercer

mercerIn today’s business world, flexible work arrangements are a business imperative, says Siobhan Martin, UK HR Director, Mercer.

  • According to Alison Maitland & Peter Thomson’s Future WorkChanging Organizational Culture for the New World of Work book, there is a proven correlation between business results and workplace flexibility
  • Changing workforce demographics create a competition for talent, and flexible work arrangements allow access to a greater talent pool
  • Customers, employees and prospective employees demand their values (which often include appropriate work-life balance) be reflected in our workplace and culture

Mercer has a strong culture of flexibility and agile working. Fostering flexibility allows us to meet and balance all the many competing needs and priorities that life throws at us to get a great job done in partnership with our clients.

As a diverse and inclusive environment we understand the importance of bringing your whole self to work. We understand that people have different needs and that these don’t always fit the traditional career model. If we weren’t flexible then we would stand to lose these talents. The more diverse we are as a business, the greater our success as we adapt to the fast changing world by spotting and reacting to opportunities. Great minds rarely think alike and we love that.

Flexibility is highly regarded by our staff and we know that this benefit is key to retention of talented people.

Being innovative, empowering ourselves and others, and showing respect for diversity are core to our values as a firm. We know that by being adaptable our staff can serve our clients in the best way for all. It’s a natural part of the way we do business. We’re great believers in getting the best for our clients so we remain very outcome focused.

Being responsive to the needs of our staff mean it’s easier for us to recruit the best talent. During the hiring process it’s important to talk about what the candidates and the business needs and negotiate the right approach. It may not always work on both sides, but it’s important to explore. Traditional models of work aren’t always the answer and we’re very open to that conversation.

As a single mother who now sits on our UK Board, I know my own long international career with the firm wouldn’t have been possible without this flexible approach.

We’re proud to support Timewise’s flexible hiring campaign and encourage other businesses to get involved and do the same.

You can find out more about Mercer on our employer page and you can also read about Ann, a Principal at Mercer, who tells us about how she balances her career with being a mother.

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