An agile approach to recruitment at Lloyds Banking Group

agileIn 2013, Lloyds Banking Group and 22 other employers created the Agile Future Forum to look at how agility in the workplace could support UK economic growth. Within Lloyds we have repositioned workforce agility to be central to how we do business and we are adopting a business-led approach. Agile hiring, as we call it, is one of the ways in which we are doing this.

Agile hiring is about building flexibility into roles at the point of hire and considering alternative options to the traditional 9-5 office based way of working. When vacancies come up, it’s easy to replace like for like, but as the world changes through digitalisation, globalisation, demographic and social changes – as well as changing customer demands – it is critical we utilise different ways of working to help us meet the modern needs of our customers, colleagues, candidates and the business

We have supported and trained our recruitment teams and managers on how to build agility into roles and hire in an agile way. Now, every time a manager recruits, they are required to proactively consider the flexible options available with the role, and to specify this within our website’s recruitment tool and in the job advert. This could be a range of options, such as reduced hours, job sharing, or being based across different or multiple sites.

Our focus on agile hiring has been strongly influenced by research from Timewise, which shows that, whilst 90% of employers offer agility to employees within the role, only 8.7% of all advertised UK quality job vacancies offer agility at the point of hire. We recognise that this is creating a bottleneck of talent and believe it is time for change.

We are therefore very proud to be Corporate Partners of Hire Me My Way, a national campaign from Timewise, which encourages employers to embrace agile hiring, and as a result treble the proportion of quality part-time and agile jobs to one million by 2020.

Agile hiring will allow us, and others, to provide opportunities for colleagues – who want to work in an agile way – to develop their careers, as well as make it easier for candidates to understand and have conversations with hiring managers about the agile options that will work for the role.

By Andrew Bester, Group Director and CEO, Commercial Banking, Lloyds Bank

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