atkinsWe're a truly flexible employer offering all kinds of options from part-time, job share and home working to agile working and non-core hours. We want our people to achieve a lifestyle balance whether that’s to look after their children, care for someone in their family, renovate their dream home or to enjoy a new hobby. The different flexible options available with a career at Atkins are endless.  

All the information you need to know is available on our dedicated benefits portal; your reward, which is available to access 24/7 from any device.

Careers at Atkins:

I hope I can be a flexible working mentor or inspire others to take this option

Julianne Antrobus, Nuclear Director

I joined Atkins five years ago when I had one child. I started out working a 30-hour contract over four days each week and had a second child two years after joining. I have a senior leadership role, a young family and lots of overseas travel – flexible working allows me to keep a balance. It hasn’t stopped me progressing. Since joining Atkins, I’ve been promoted to my current role as a senior director on the nuclear lead team. It’s testimony to Atkins that they’ve supported me throughout my career. They get the best out of me; I know I’ve got the support.

quote [square]It’s sometimes very hard to ask for flexible hours. But if you don’t ask you won’t get. It’s up to you to make it happen. I was bold enough to say that I needed the flexible working arrangement. Atkins wanted me to work the four days and not burn myself out. So don’t be afraid to have the conversation – Atkins is an organisation that will listen, look at the options and see what’s feasible. Employees are our most important asset. And that sentiment cascades down to my team. I hope I can be a flexible working mentor or inspire others to take this option.

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