beluBelu Water enthusiastically supports flexible and part-time working. So that’s why we say exactly that in all external or internal promotion of vacancies, and we include it in every role profile. Even in our small team we’re yet to identify a role where some element of flexibility can’t enhance the outcome for both the business and the team member. We believe embracing flexibility is a smart way of working and ensures we can find and support the mix of talent and experience we need. That it promotes accountability, and enables our team to improve both personal effectiveness and manage their delivery in a sustainable way.

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No more 9 to 5; from working mum to mum who works.

CASE STUDY: Charlotte Harrington, Chief Operating Officer, Belu Water

In June 2015, after 15 years of corporate life, I decided to leave my role as Category Director at Tesco and join the small but perfectly formed team at Belu Water as Chief Operating Officer.

QUOTEIt wasn’t an easy decision, but with 3 small children, I wanted to try and find more of an equitable balance between work & home life.

I wanted to be a hands-on mum & enjoy bringing up my children. I felt it important to be around to see them off on their first day of school; cheer them on at sports day; read them stories before bedtime etc. At the same time however, I still needed the mental stimulation of a career.

So ultimately, to achieve this, I needed a role with flexibility. A role that would enable me to work from home when needed and flex my hours accordingly but still provide me with sufficient cerebral challenge & make use of my years of senior commercial experience.

Belu’s CEO, Karen Lynch, is passionate about flexible and part-time working and has created a business model that is built upon a dedicated, professional workforce that isn’t locked into the 9-5.

As Belu Chief Operating Officer, I’m responsible for managing the core bottled water business in the UK. I work a ‘compressed’ working week from Monday – Thursday. The Friday ‘day off’ can and is moved to other days if it makes sense for both the business and for me. I have to be smart with my time and keep focus on the priorities but that is a productive way of working.

Also included within that 4-day week is at least one day working from home that frees up valuable time I would have spent traveling. It keeps the need for office space to a minimum and conserves energy by avoiding the commute.

Working this way means I’ve been able to combine an important leadership role and get the full career satisfaction I need, yet leaves me the time, energy and flex to spend time with my family.

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