Camden Council

camdenAs the first Timewise Council in the country, we’re acting on our commitment to ensure that every job we recruit to is available on a flexible basis, unless there is a good business reason why not. We’re leading the way in offering both new and existing staff flexible and part-time working patterns – and we’re encouraging other local employers to do the same.

Careers at Camden Council:

Emma Cardoso, mother of one, works as a financial advisor for Camden Council…

“I joined Camden in October 2015 as a financial advisor in the team supporting the Council’s Community Investment Programme – our flagship regeneration and infrastructure project.

quote“I work 18 hours a week, split over three days. There are three of us doing the same role – one working full-time and two working part-time. We support individual projects but work as one team and it works really well.

“After having my daughter, I returned to my job at a large private organisation four days a week. Although the role was interesting, I wanted to spend more time with my daughter, and reduce my commute.

“I was job hunting for six months in total – and my role at Camden was one of only two suitable jobs I saw advertised on a flexible basis during that time.

“For me, that’s a huge issue. I have a strong background and solid experience. It simply shouldn’t be the case that I only find two jobs to apply for in six months. I’m sure there are countless women and men like me who are in a similar predicament.

“Being open-minded to flexible working and what it can offer – both for the business and the employee – really does get the best results. I know so many talented people who just aren’t getting the opportunity to put their skills to use.

“Having the role advertised on a flexible basis made the world of difference throughout the application process. I felt so relaxed discussing the potential options and never felt uncomfortable asking questions. Everyone has been so open-minded to different working arrangements, it’s embedded in the culture of the Council – and that has a really positive impact on your day-to-day life.

“Now I’m at home two days a week with my daughter and work shorter days – so I get to pick her up from nursery. We can do things like ballet classes and swimming classes, and I’m getting to see more of her development. She’s so much happier – and so am I.

“For me, having the right work-life balance means I come to work motivated and able to think more clearly. I don’t have to worry about home while I’m here. My friends say I’m really lucky, and I am.”

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