Career coaching: is it worth the cost?

coachingCareer coaching is no longer the preserve of the super-rich, but is fast becoming the standard to help shape and clarify goals when stuck in a career rut. If you’ve hit a crossroad in your career, want to move from full time to a part time job, or flexible working, or are returning to work but unsure about the job you want, then appointing a career coach could be the right choice for you.

So what does a career coach do?

Career coaches help you get to where you want to be. Whether you want to make an extreme career change, say, for example, from finance to publishing, or find a role that fits around personal commitments, then a coach will help you reach your goals.

It is easy to fall into the trap of believing you just want a job, and fast. This may be how you feel if you’re facing redundancy or keen to return to work after a break, but this is not necessarily the right approach. Although worrying, these times should be seen as a period of opportunity. Ultimately, we all want a job that gets us springing out of bed on a Monday morning - a quick fix job for the sake of a job will not enable you to do this. A career coach will help create a plan and help set realistic, measurable goals to help get you the role you want.

What are the benefits?

You’ve made a decision to do something about your career, but your plan feels a little unclear and you’re not sure how achievable it all is. A career coach will help clarify your plan and look at what transferable skills, or internal resources, you can use and how to sell yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to see a solution when you’re too close to a problem, but a coach can help remove any obstacles and help create a bespoke job search strategy.

It is important to point out that a career coach is not a quick-fix solution. Finding the job you want takes time, especially if you’re changing careers. To make a realistic plan, a coach will use the SMART model. This will help you create a digestible and realistic plan within a timeframe that you are comfortable with. Not only that, but if you feel you’re lacking in confidence, then this model will help give you a boost and energise your job search.

With the help of a career coach, you’ll be surprised by the wide-ranging skills you actually have. Having an impartial person look at your strengths, and helping you to maximise them, is a highly positive and empowering experience.

For more information and to find your local coach, contact the Association for Coaching

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