Disability employer, Remploy, backs Hire Me My Way

remployRemploy are recruitment specialists that focus on improving the lives of candidates with disability, or complex needs, by helping them find the right job to match their skills.

As an organisation, Remploy promotes a good work-life balance. With 30% of their staff living with a disability or health condition, many work part-time or flexibly. They strongly believe in flexibility and, if requested, will consider this for every job.

Gareth Parry, Chief Executive, Remploy, says: “I was delighted to hear about the Hire Me My Way campaign and I give it my full support. Let’s start talking about this more openly so people feel they can ask for flexible working patterns without being judged and know that their request will be received positively.”

Read Jane’s story on how she was hired on a part-time basis by Remploy.

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