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dixonsAt Dixons Carphone we want candidates to feel confident they can communicate the flexibility they need from their next role. Candidates may wish to talk to us about shift patterns, part-time or flexible working and we will explore what is possible in each case. In many instances this suits us as an employer, as we plan schedules and staffing levels to ensure we give great customer service to match the seasonal and weekly flows of customer shopping needs both in our stores and online. We are also happy to explore flexible and part-time options for head office roles.

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“Getting flexibility has been a simple process”

Kerry Shaw, Lead Business Change Analyst, Dixons Carphone (Sheffield Contact Centre)

I was working at Dixons Carphone as Lead Business Change Analyst for two years when I became a grandmother. When my daughter-in-law went back to work, I approached my line manager and he offered me the option of working a four-day week. The support from the company now allows me to spend quality time on Mondays with my grandson, and without the pressure of extra hours.

quoteThe business has been very accommodating with my new arrangements. Although I don’t usually work from home, I still have a smart phone and laptop should the need arise. I try to be as flexible with them as they are with me – it works both ways. I can vary my working day if necessary, or come in when I need to.

The only thing I’ve changed is my ‘planning day’ and other Monday tasks to the end of the week. So on Friday afternoons I’ll conduct a team meeting, to establish the next week’s objectives. I’m grateful I have a good team to support me – it just makes me value them more.

Despite my absence from the office, I feel just as connected to the business. Internal newsletters and emails keep me up-to-date with company events, and colleagues always fill me in with anything I’ve missed when I come back into work.

It really just reflects the friendly, positive atmosphere at Dixons Carphone. ‘We stand together as one’ is one of our employee values. I’m proud to work somewhere where everyone’s ideas are taken into account and every opinion is respected.

For me, flexi-working has been a very simple process and I’m grateful to the company for giving me the opportunity to balance my work and personal life more effectively. I’m really pleased it’s worked for me – and know it’s working for others across the business, too.

“Compassionate about my illness, from the start”

Mark Webb, Head of Group Social Media, Dixons Carphone plc

I was officially diagnosed with multiple sclerosis nine years ago. There are a lot of things to be fearful about when you are diagnosed with a chronic illness like MS. You fear for your health, for your future, for your family. And, of course, you worry that you will be unable to continue doing the job you love.

But I’ve been extremely lucky. The senior management team at Dixons Carphone have been compassionate about my illness from the start and, by making ongoing adjustments to my role and working environment, have ultimately enabled me to stay here in a meaningful job.

For pretty much my whole career, I’ve worked in PR. Most recently, I was Head of Media Relations for Dixons Retail. It was, as many PR jobs tend to be, a very high energy role. I had to spend a lot of my time in London or touring journalists around our megastores, which, as you can imagine, became increasingly difficult as the disease began to affect my mobility.

It was at this point that senior managers in the business approached me and, showing a level of concern and understanding that I found very touching, suggested it might be possible to create a new role that would make it easier for me to continue with the company.

The role in question was Head of Group Social Media – the role I am doing right now. The fact that the job is social media-focused means that I am able to do most of my work from my desk, which clearly helps with mobility issues.

The way the company has looked after me, hiring me into my new role on a flexible basis, has helped me prosper, and it is something I am very grateful for. It drives me to give as much back to the organisation as I possibly can.

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