Eight of the BIGGEST CV mistakes

cv mistakesHere at Timewise, we have collated some of the biggest CV mistakes we have seen amongst our candidates, so read below to keep these in mind before sending your CV off to employers and recruiters!

1. Typos

This may seem extremely obvious, but it is probably the most popular mistake candidates make. Typos and grammatical mistakes show a lack of care which no employer will want in their company. Employers won’t bother reading the rest of your CV if they spot a typo, so always proofread several times. It may also be worth asking a family member or friend to double check for you.


2. Missing contact details

Another obvious mistake, but extremely common. There is nothing more frustrating for an employer than liking someone’s CV, but not being able to contact that person. Always have your address, email address and phone number written underneath your name on your CV.

Some employers prefer to email first, and some prefer to call, so make their life easy by providing both.


3. Tailoring

When applying for jobs, candidates think that it’s ok to send the same CV to a range of different companies- WRONG!!

Spend time tailoring your CV to suit each job role you are applying for, explaining why your experience and achievements in previous roles make you an appropriate candidate. Employers will immediately turn a blind eye to generic CVs.


4. Formatting

Unless you are a graphic designer or going into a similar field of creative work, avoid obscure fonts and formats. And don’t even bother with diagrams. This will immediately put employers off.

Focus on keeping your CV layout simple and clear to read. Also consider saving your CV as a pdf, as it looks more professional and cleaner. Keep your font size small and have consistent spacing between lines.


5. Photo

You would be surprised by the amount of CVs we receive with people’s photos on them… Big mistake!! This is an immediate turn off for employers. Photos on CVs do not come across as professional and they really aren’t that necessary. Especially ‘selfies’ and pictures that are more social media appropriate… Only provide a photo if an employer asks for one.


6. Length

CVs should not be any longer than two pages. Employers don’t have the time to sift through pages and pages of your previous work experience. Keep your employment section relevant to the job you’re applying for to minimise the length.


7. Humour

Trying to be funny on your CV does not come across well either. You are submitting your CV to business professionals, so do not take any chances by trying to be witty and it going horribly wrong! It is important to remain professional.  


8. Lies

Lying on your CV is never worth it. You will get caught out, and with everything so accessible online these days, you’re likely to get caught out… So think twice before enhancing your previous job title!

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