eyEY is committed to being an inclusive employer and we are happy to consider flexible working arrangements. We strive to achieve the right balance for our people, enabling us to deliver excellent client service whilst allowing you to build your career without sacrificing your personal priorities. While our client-facing professionals can be required to travel regularly, and at times be based at client sites, our flexible working arrangements can help you to achieve a lifestyle balance.

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Hire on a flexible basis or lose top talent

Victoria Price, tax partner with EY in the North West

Victoria was hired on a flexible working contract at 23 and in the last ten years has climbed the ranks to partner, whilst continuing to work part-time. She has three children, two step-children and is a carer to her 95-year old Grandmother.

ey [square]At the age of 23 I had three job offers on the table. At each interview I made it very clear that I needed to work flexibly over three days, to fit around my two young children – they should hire me on that basis or not at all.

There was only one firm where I truly believed it was possible to get the level of flexibility I needed, and I joined EY in 2006. EY was able to demonstrate flexible working in practice. Importantly, they had examples of senior people in the firm who were already achieving the balance.

After returning from maternity leave in 2009, my manager at the time talked to me about progressing my career to the next level. I expected a request to increase my hours. But ‘not at all’, was the response. I set my clients clear expectations and was very open about my flexible working arrangement with them and colleagues.

My diary is open to all and my appointments are candid, whether it be a client meeting or taking my son to the orthodontist. People have a life outside of work and we shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about it.

The workplace is evolving and if organisations don’t move with the times, they are going to lose out on top talent, which will inevitably affect their business performance.

I feel very proud to work for a firm that is disrupting the status quo. EY has granted me the freedom to achieve my own professional and personal ambitions, which allows me to pave the way for the next generation of flexible workers.

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