Face up to your job-search demons!

Boy and dragonEveryone understands the struggles that come with applying for jobs – tracking down elusive part time jobs, writing endless versions of your cover letter, constantly checking your CV, dealing with job rejections, the list goes on…  

Don’t let it get you down! Here are some tips on how you can keep motivated when applying for jobs.

1. Take a break

Applying for jobs all day is draining. Take regular breaks to prevent burning out. It’s important to use your breaks to refresh your energy, so give your eyes a rest from your computer screen – try going for a walk to get some fresh air!

2. Keep healthy

Make sure you take care of yourself when job hunting as this can influence the productivity of your job search. Eat healthily, exercise regularly and ensure you get enough sleep. A healthy body equals a healthy mind.

3. Learn how to handle rejection

Nobody likes getting turned down for a job, and the feeling of rejection gets tougher with every set-back. But it’s important to have a thick skin and remember that rejection is a very normal aspect of the job application process. Don’t ever take rejections to heart.

4. Remind yourself how good you are 

Job searching can be disheartening at the best of times, so feeling low is natural. Pick yourself up by reminding yourself how great you are! Do this ‘coffee break’ confidence booster from Women Like Us. Remember - you’re worth a good job!  

5. Network

Talking to someone who is experienced in your industry is a great way to get inspired and open doors. Networking is essential when looking for jobs, so tell your friends and family about the type of role you are looking for, and encourage them to put you in touch with anyone they know who could help you. You never know what opportunities could arise from meeting with someone, so always be open to forming new business connections.

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