Five LinkedIn mistakes that stop you from getting the job

LinkedInIt is important to understand how to use LinkedIn efficiently, as this can sometimes affect your chances of landing a job. Read our guide below to find out the five most common mistakes LinkedIn users make, so you can avoid making these mistakes yourself!


1) Inappropriate photo

LinkedIn is a platform for business professionals, not for family and friends. So avoid uploading a photo that you may think is inappropriate for employers to see- this is not Facebook! Stand in front of a blank wall, dress in smart clothes and have someone take a headshot of you. It is vital you look smart and professional, but not too serious either. You will want to appear approachable and friendly, especially if you’re looking to go into client facing roles, so don’t forget to smile!


2) Grammatical errors

Nothing looks worse than a CV coated with spelling mistakes and poorly formed sentences, and the same goes for your LinkedIn. If an employer spots a grammatical error or typo on your profile, they probably won’t spend much longer looking at it!

Always proofread your LinkedIn profile several times, and ask your friends or family to look over it as well.


3) Missing information

The summary is the most important part of your profile, as this is the first section employers and recruiters look at before determining if you are a suitable candidate. This means you shouldn’t leave the summary empty or not put any effort into writing it. Add keywords that refer to your skills as this will boost your profile exposure when employers/recruiters look for certain criteria in potential candidates.  

It must succinctly outline your current work position, what you’re looking for and where your skills lie.

Your work experience is also a very important section on your profile, as employers read this to assess whether your previous experience and skills could be of benefit to them. Avoid simply stating your previous jobs- explain what you did, the skills you gained and any significant achievements you made whilst there. List these in bullet points to make it easy to read- no waffling!


4) Not engaging

Setting up a LinkedIn profile is just the first step. The best way to get noticed by employers is to engage with others, by joining groups on LinkedIn. Join groups that are relevant to your preferred industry, participate in group discussions and ask questions. This will show your expertise, but more importantly, your profile will appear more visible to those who are in the same field of work as you and boost your chances of getting noticed. You never know who could come across your profile and consider you for a role.


5) Not personalizing your URL

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a brand- it must appear user friendly, so personalize your URL to your name. Your profile won’t look appealing when your URL just a bunch of numbers and letters.

Steps on how to do this:

  • Click Profile along the main tab, then Edit Profile
  • Click the button next to your URL, situated underneath your profile picture.
  • On the right hand side, you will see a section with the heading, ‘Your public profile URL’. Click the pen symbol next to your URL to change it and click save when finished. 


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