Five ways to get a part time job

5 waysHow do you go about searching for part time jobs? We’ve put together our top 5 suggestions:

1. The obvious answer is to look on recruitment sites, like Timewise Jobs, that specialise in part time and flexible roles. However, be careful never to rely on one method of job-searching. You need to have your finger in several pies, so try these methods too…

2. Apply for full time roles, then ask for flexibility when you get a job offer. For each particular vacancy, you need to think carefully about whether an employer is likely to consider flexible working, and also when and how to ask the question. Check out our article on asking for flexibility for more advice.

3. Research flexible-friendly employers in your field of work and bookmark the career pages of their websites to keep an eye on new vacancies. Good employers are keen to promote their ‘employer brand’ on their career pages, and many will state openly what their approach is to flexible working. An increasing number of employers will offer flexibility for the right candidate. 

4. Network. Make sure everyone you know, especially previous work colleagues, knows that you’re looking for a part time job and the type of role you’re seeking. Ask people to keep a look out for you, and let you know if they hear of anything. Yes, we know… networking is the least favourite method of job-searching. But it’s also the most effective – so put yourself out there!

5. Write on spec. This one is a bit more of a long shot, but speculative letters can sometimes hit the target – especially when you identify a small number of employers that you’re keen to work for, get a reasonably warm response from a particular contact there, and then keep in touch with them from time to time.

For further advice, try the helpful guides on finding job opportunities, from Women Like Us (the career support service for women seeking part time work).

Best of luck!

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