If you’re targeting flex-friendly employers, start here

Woman workingThere’s so much to consider when you’re looking for a part-time or flexible role. From thinking through what pattern would fit with your life and the role, to working out the business case for a potential employer… it all takes time. Which is why it makes sense to target your applications to organisations who take flexible working seriously and do it well.

So, how do you find them? Well, if you have a company in mind that you’d like to work for, it’s a good idea to explore the careers pages of their website and see what they have to say about flexible working. If they don’t say anything at all, that’s a bit of a red flag.

A more targeted approach is to focus on specialist job sites, like this one, which only offer part-time and flexible jobs. Any employers who post a role here are flex-friendly, and all the roles are flexible in some way, so it’s a great place to start.

Introducing our new flexible employer hub

To support your search, we’re developing this section of Timewise Jobs to focus on organisations who are openly positive and proactive about offering flexible working. Think of it as a hub for employers who would be happy to consider a flexible application.

Here, you’ll be able to read about a company’s approach to flexible working, and get tips and advice from their employees on how to find and succeed in a flexible role. And that, in turn, will help you build a shortlist of organisations whose approach mirrors what you’re looking for. We hope you find it useful.

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