Flexible jobs for carers, at BT

grandfather carer 300At BT we know that a key factor in winning and retaining the best, most diverse talent is to consider our people’s whole career and life path.

We recognise the importance of maintaining a healthy work/life blend and the value of employees who are enriched by an active life outside of work.

We also know that people may need to care for loved ones at particularly challenging times, and we want our working carers to have the same opportunity to succeed at work whilst achieving a balance. By enabling our employees to actively plan for, and adapt to, the work and home related changes, we create an attractive employment proposition where people can work in harmony with their personal circumstances.

We see working flexibly is an essential part of the package  so we offer a range of flexible working options that support the needs of our people, our customers and our business. 

Most jobs can accommodate an element of flexibility and the employee and their manager are best placed to judge what will work – in BT conversations will always start here. To be effective this dialogue must be based on a firm foundation of trust, so we invest in training our people managers to make the right decision for their team, our customers and our business.

We have a 'BT Passport', a simple word document, which can be completed by any BT employee who feels their circumstances could have an impact on their ability to work either currently or at some point in the future due to health, disability or caring responsibilities.

In addition, our learning and talent programmes are designed from the outset with flexible and remote workers in mind. We capitalise on our own BT Conferencing Services and related products to facilitate a more balanced approach to work related travel.

As a result we find that many of our people, such as those with caring responsibilities or fluctuating health conditions, have informal, local flexible working arrangements that work really well.  We see this as a great example of how people have the right conversations with their manager and are empowered to reach an arrangement between themselves. There is of course the option for a more formal flexible working arrangement and we are open to requests from employees to change their work patterns.

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