Giving full value to part time

full valueWhen looking for a new role, Timewise Jobs candidates place more value on the flexibility of the working hours than they do on salary.

That’s one of the findings of a Timewise Jobs’ survey of candidates looking for part time work. The most important factor for our job seekers is ‘enjoying my work’, ranked first by 30%; hot on its heels came ‘part time working hours’, ranked first by 29%; salary trailed in third place with only 15% of candidates ranking it as the most important factor.

A whopping 73% of our candidates have professional or managerial experience – so these results come from a highly skilled group of people. Their preference for part time work is because they want or need to balance their job with other commitments, and not because they lack ambition.

Research from other sources suggests that wanting a better work-life balance is no longer the preserve of mothers. It’s very much a growing trend. A recent study on ‘The Future of Work’ by UKCES found that 92% of ‘generation Y’ (working people currently in their 20’s) identified flexibility as a top priority when selecting a workplace.

What’s our take on all of this?

With flexible working so high on the agenda for a growing number of people, Timewise believes the recruitment industry needs to make it easier for people to find part time and flexible jobs. Something we’re already trying to do, of course!

We’re not saying that employers should offer flexibility when it’s not appropriate to the job. But when an employer CAN offer flexibility, they need to say so loud and clear in their job ads. When they do, they can unlock a new and exciting pool of talent.

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