GroundworkFlexible working is very much accepted at Groundwork. Even though our job ads don’t always mention flexible working we are usually happy to consider it if the chosen candidate requests it. We are looking at changing the way we advertise our jobs, to make the options clearer to candidates, but in the meantime we recommend that you apply to us, and raise the issue of flexibility at the final interview.

Careers at Groundwork:

Having an employer that offers flexible working makes me feel valued and supported.

Darrell Sharman, Handyman

Based at Groundwork’s Wigan office, as well as covering centres across the north west.

I joined Groundwork in February 2015 as a general handyman, working 20 hours per week.

I’d been looking for a part-time job because I work for a few hours each week helping out a local charity, carrying out maintenance work at my local community centre. I was keen to continue honouring my commitment to them, so the role at Groundwork was ideal. Better still, Groundwork was prepared to be flexible about how I covered the hours required.  Together we’ve developed a work pattern which suits both parties. I’m flexible around changing hours and days as required and likewise, my employer is flexible if I need to change days to suit my other commitments.

quote [square]I feel really fortunate to be working for Groundwork and think that if more organisations had a flexible working policy they’d soon see the benefits. Having other commitments outside of work doesn’t make me any less committed to my job. In fact I think it helps me do my job better because I’ve got a good work / life balance. Having an employer that recognises this and is prepared to offer flexible working makes me feel valued and supported.

My hours might be part-time, but my commitment to Groundwork is 100%.

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