How to climb the career ladder when you work part time

promotionHow easy is it to get promoted whilst working part time? Research by Timewise, about the 'Flexibility Trap', found that 73% of part time workers claim not to have been promoted once since working fewer hours. So it's a challenge.

But Karen Mattison, Co-Founder of Timewise Jobs, believes that part time workers can do a lot to help themselves. It’s a case of knowing your worth and refusing to allow prejudice to make you apologetic about the hours you work. Karen points to the Timewise Power 50 list which includes several people who have been promoted to the very top of their businesses, whilst working part time.

Here our Karen's top 5 tips for part time workers:

1. Don’t apologise… never put the word ‘just’ before ‘part time’ when describing your work patterns. Instead communicate your commitment, skill and experience.  

2. Get absolute clarity on the targets that are expected of you… and demonstrate your success when you hit them. Don’t give others an excuse to point to your hours as a reason for not delivering on work.

3. Stay ambitious – seek out mentors / sponsors / people who can help you to grow your career, just as you would if working full time.

4. Don’t be part time and under the radar -  keep colleagues both above and below clear about when you’ll be in the office, when else you are available, when you expect work from them and vice versa. And don’t be afraid to speak up – if teams keep setting meetings on your day off – say so.

5. When it comes to looking for new jobs… at the point that you feel ready to talk about the flexibility you need, show clearly that you have already achieved success in a 4 day week / a 9 day fortnight / 2 day a week plus a day from home…

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