How to use social media in your job hunt

social mediaJust over ten years ago, social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn were virtually unheard of. Fast forward to now, we are in the generation of a social media boom- so much so, that 94% of recruitment agencies use social media to find candidates, and it is becoming a popular platform for candidates to find jobs.

If you need help learning how to utilise social media effectively, follow our guide below to help you understand how to find jobs on three of the biggest social media sites.



This is probably the most useful social media channel when looking for a job. 89% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates, so it is worth utilising this platform as much as possible to get noticed.

Ensure your contact and employment details are all up to date and you have uploaded a professional headshot of yourself. Include keywords for your areas of expertise and skills, to make sure your profile shows up in searches.

Job posts that are tailored to your interests and past experience are always shown on your homepage, so keep an eye out for what is advertised. You can also look for jobs in the search tool.

TIP: If you have an IPhone or you’re on Android, consider downloading the LinkedIn Jobs app. This app is specifically designed to help you look for jobs on LinkedIn in a much clearer and more effective way. You simply search the profession/industry you’re interested in, with your preferred location to work, and a full list of available jobs will pop up. You can apply for jobs swiftly through the app, meaning you can search and apply for jobs on the go.



Using Twitter can also be an effective way of finding jobs, as companies tend to tweet when they’re hiring, particularly those within the creative industries (marketing, PR, digital, etc.). If there are particular companies that you’re interested in and want to work for, follow them on Twitter to keep an eye out for job updates.

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Also, try searching for job related hashtags. For example, if you’re looking for a marketing job, type #marketingjob into the search tool, and any tweet with this hashtag will be listed, and will most likely be recruiters and companies advertising for an available marketing job.



Perhaps a slightly less obvious choice, as Facebook is considered a more private outlet for friends and family. However, it can certainly be used to seek employment too.

Like Twitter and LinkedIn, most companies are active on Facebook. Follow the brands you like as they will post when they have available positions.

You may notice that friends on Facebook post statuses stating their company is looking to hire, or they know someone who is looking to fill a job. This can mean that employers have not advertised the job yet, so the candidate pool will be relatively small at this point. Take advantage of this by applying for the job through your friend, as it’s likely your application will attract more attention if you have been referred through a mutual contact

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