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islingtonIslington Council’s vision is to build a workforce which is diverse and reflective of its local community. We are committed to championing flexible working to attract, support and retain talented people, and open up opportunities for local residents – in particular parents and those with disabilities and long term health conditions. Requests for flexible working are welcome at point of recruitment and will be accommodated where possible.

Careers at Islington Council:

Stay flexible, move up

Case study: Maxine Holdsworth

Do you have to be in the office five days a week to progress in your career?

The answer is no. But you should aim to plan carefully and show you can deliver.

“Before joining Islington Council, I had been working in the voluntary sector on a flexible basis. During my time here, I have carried out four different roles and I am now the Service Director for Housing Needs and Strategy. Before that I headed the service for adult learning, employment support and relationships with the voluntary sector.

quoteI’ve been able to progress in management terms as well as broadening my skills, all whilst working flexibly.

At the moment my non-working day is a Thursday. For me, in a senior management job, that works well because I am in for the beginning and end of the week to cover everything – although Friday is often very busy!

I love Thursdays – I look after my two youngest kids who are not at school yet, and am there for my 12-year old end of the school day. I have always appreciated being able to work in this way – it takes pressure off family life, and I think Islington Council get a good deal out of it too.

As an employee you have to be ready to be flexible, and show how your job can be done differently – but I firmly believe a lot of jobs can be done in less time if organisations are open to it. There are more flexible organisations these days, and you see more women at senior levels in those organisations – but nationally and globally we’ve still a way to go.”

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