Job search motivation and how to keep it

demotivated womanThe part-time jobs market is improving, but it still needs work. With fewer roles on offer, it is a very competitive market, which means it can take a little longer to find a role. It can, at times, feel like you and the rest of the world has applied for the same job. This can be hard, especially if you’ve had a career break and are looking to get back into the workplace.

Staying motivated can be tough. The cycle of constantly updating your cover letter and CV, preparing for interviews, waiting to hear back from an employer…and so on, can be exhausting, but this is the time when you need to stay focused and face your job search challenge as a job in itself. We’ve put together our tips to help make the process more manageable.

Resist the urge to sit at a PC all day

It’s very easy to feel the need to sit in front of a computer all day. We’ve all done it. However, if there’s nothing happening, then step away. Allocate a few hours a day to your job search and then look at filling your time elsewhere. Choose a time of the day when you feel you’re most productive and use that time to search and get your CV and cover letter out there.

Set goals

To help keep you fresh and focused, set daily and weekly goals. That way, you have a framework to work within. It’s easy to lose heart and apply for jobs that may not be ideal, but having goals makes sure you have a clear strategy and that you stay focused on the roles you really want.

Get yourself out there

Talking to people about their job search experiences can give you renewed energy, especially if they’re also looking. Not only that, but putting yourself front and centre could also take you on a journey to getting that job. Look at any networking events in your area, call employers you’d like to work for, get to know their HR department or connect with employees that work there.

The more you put in…

The more you do, the greater the return. The more specialist recruiters you approach, the more specialist job boards you sign-up to, the more applications you send - and the more you talk to people - the greater the return. We don’t recommend a blanket bomb approach to applying for a job – instead, stay focused and do tailor your cover letter and CV for each recruiter or application.

Take advantage of the experience

This is a great time to take stock and look at your what you really want from your career. As well as setting weekly and daily goals, it’s also worth looking at your overall career goals. Thinking about where you want to be in a few years, and what you don’t want to be doing, is a great way to focus your mind and make the job search process an experience that works for you.

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