kellogg'sKellogg’s is proud to offer employees true flexibility: our people benefit from flexi-time and flexi-leave (this could mean an extra 6 days per year!), childcare vouchers through our award winning CornFlex benefits system and many other great flexible options. We are happy to talk about your flexibility needs during the recruitment process.  We’re not just a flexible company, we’re a family.

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Hired, 4 days a week

Alyson Greenhalgh-Ball, Senior Director Nutrition, Scientific & Consumer Affairs EMEA

I am a busy mum of two (three if you include the dog) who also happens to be a Senior Director at Kellogg’s, so life is pretty hectic to say the least in the Greenhalgh-Ball household.

quoteWhen I first joined Kellogg’s 14 years ago I had a baby who was under a year and it was critical that I had some time with her and not let the years fly by and miss those precious first moments. So, I asked to work four days a week: I do believe I was the first (certainly not the last) to be granted this way of working from the point of hire.

This initially worked well and for many years I tried to squeeze a full time role into four days at the office (and travelling) so I could spend the day with my daughter and then later with my son also.

As the children got older the need to be flexible remained, if not became more important. I often do very long hours as I am travelling (most weeks) but I try to take some time back when I can; typically still on a Friday. My priority is to take my son to school when I am not travelling and to pick him up on a Friday – with no exceptions unless I am on the other side of the world. I flex my diary around this, with meetings starting at 9:30am where possible, by catching some emails first thing, working occasionally from home, or boldly being late for a meeting. Kellogg’s have been amazing in facilitating this and having the buy-in from line managers is critical to support and also walk the talk. I see now other mums (and Dads) watching as I arrive at 9:20am and I am proud to say that it is becoming the norm.

Flexible working from day one at Kellogg’s has not only allowed me to strike a balance between work and my family commitments, but it has also allowed me to progress my career.

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