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lambethLambeth Council is an inclusive employer and will consider flexible work arrangements for employees and new recruits wherever possible. We welcome applications from candidates whose experience matches our criteria and who require flexible hours or working terms, such as part-time, compressed hours, flexible start/finish times or remote working.

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The benefits of job sharing, working part-time and flexi-time.

Simon Hannah, Parking Officer at Lambeth Council

I work as a Parking Officer in the Parking and Garages team. My role is to liaise with and issue permits to contractors, residents and staff. As I work on a part-time basis (one day a week), my colleague Simone shares the responsibilities and duties of the role for the remainder of the week.

lambeth quoteIn regards to the recruitment process, I knew I was applying for a part-time role from the outset, as the job advert explicitly stated the number of hours. During my interview, I did not ask about flexible working. I just naturally assumed there would be an option to use flexitime because it is common in the public sector. However, the subject of flexible working (on top of my part-time hours) came up during my induction and my manager seemed keen to explain what the policy was for the council.

I previously worked as a teacher in a secondary school, however, I decided to leave in order to pursue a different work challenge. Currently, I am preparing to start my PhD in Contemporary British History at King’s College London in September. During the week on my days off, I’m busy submitting grant applications, attending interviews and researching different funding streams for my PhD. Therefore, I knew I had to find a job which would be flexible enough to fit around my PhD preparation.

In terms of working flexibly in my role at Lambeth, I’ve been able to start work later and finish later, usually starting at 09:30 and finishing at 17:30. Also, I have taken time off in lieu (TOIL) on a few occasions when Simone hasn’t been in and I’ve volunteered to come in on my days off to clear the backlog of parking permits. As long as I discuss when and why I am likely to take TOIL with my manager beforehand, I never experience any issues.

One of the benefits of working flexibly is the feeling of being in control of my working day. Consequently, I feel less stressed and generally calmer. As a result, this creates quite a relaxing work environment.

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