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lloydsLloyds Banking Group is committed to being the best bank for our customers and a great place to work. A key part of our commitment to Helping Britain Prosper is building an inclusive culture within the Group. We have created a more agile working environment to ensure our colleagues can have a rewarding career that helps us meet our promise to our customers whilst achieving a healthy lifestyle balance.

Agile working can be part-time, a job share, reduced hours, compressed hours, home working or other flexible arrangements. Over a third of our workforce already works in an flexible way and we are happy to discuss different ways we can support you to work in a more agile manner that help us meet both our customer and colleague needs.

Careers at Lloyds Banking Group: https://www.lloydsbankinggroup.com/careers/

“My staggered shift arrangement has enabled higher productivity in meeting customer needs”

CASE STUDY: Laura Adams, On-boarding Advisor for Wealth Mass Affluent and based in Douglas on the Isle of Man, shares how finding a shift pattern that works for her and the business enables customers’ needs to be met.

“My role as an On-boarding Adviser involves speaking to customers around the world about our products. I was included on a rota to work an 11am to 7pm shift allocated to one individual each week to ensure a member of the team is available to 7pm each day to deal with customer needs.

My mother looks after my child on Mondays and Tuesdays but as a result of a change of her working pattern, she will no longer be able to look after my child up until 7pm as she does at present.

quote [square]I approached my Line Manager and I asked if I could be removed from the late shift on Mondays and Tuesdays, providing I work the shift the remainder of the week.

We discussed the impact on the rest of team and the fact that the majority of the team are in a position to work the late shift and together with the team we agreed there was no impact on the business.

I’m now in at 8am on Mondays and Tuesdays in order to meet the needs of our international customers based in different time zones. This also creates an opportunity for those customers based in the UK who are unavailable during 9-5 to speak to us.

This staggered shift arrangement has created a better work/life balance, has saved me additional child care costs that I would have incurred and removed the stress of arranging additional child care.”

Laura’s Line Manager Ryan Kinnin shares his view: “Laura’s stress levels will remain low which will have a positive impact on the working environment as well as her commitment to do a good job. Laura is just as productive if not more meeting our customer needs across her staggered shift pattern which means we are available for our customers from 8am to 7pm.”



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