Looks like a full time job? Ask for flexibility!

gymnastYou’ve got the right skills and experience for a job, but it looks like it’s full time and you want 4 days a week. What do you do?

If it’s on Timewise Jobs, don’t be afraid to apply!

All employers who advertise with us are interested in reaching out to candidates who want to work flexibly. That’s why they come to us. So take a look now at some fantastic jobs that arefull time with flexibility’.

Talent before time!

At very large companies especially, there’s so much work going on that there’s rarely a need to create a part time position. But that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t offer a job on a part time basis to a really good candidate. They’re looking for top talent, and when they get it they’re prepared to negotiate.

It’s worth remembering that most companies are well used to offering flexible working to their existing employees, and they understand its value in attracting and keeping great talent.

Be realistic 

Before applying for a job that’s advertised as ‘full time, open to flexibility’, make sure you read the job description carefully. Some employers might specify the type of flexibility they’ll consider - for example, they might be open to some home-based work, but not to a reduced contract. If they don’t specify what’s possible, then it’s fair to assume that a 4 day week is likely to be acceptable for the right candidate.

However, it’s quite hard for an employer to adjust a full time job down to 3 days a week. But this is where it pays to know your worth. If you’ve got hard-to-find skills and top notch experience, then go for it. The jobs market is turning, and employers are struggling to find suitable candidates for some roles.

When to ask for flexibility

Avoid the mistake of sounding as if you’ve only applied because it’s a flexible job! You’ve applied because you have the right skills, it’s a great role, and you want to work for this company. Your covering letter and CV should be all about that – it’s much too early to talk about flexibility.

When it comes to the interview process, ‘When should I ask about flexibility?’ is one of the most common questions that we get asked by candidates. There is no hard and fast answer – it’s easier when the job advert was really clear, or when the employer’s website promotes a very honest, open policy.

Usually it’s best to raise the issue during an ‘any questions’ session at the end of an interview. Remind the interviewer that the job was offered as ‘open to flexible options’ (or whatever the job ad said) and ask what sort of flexibility they had in mind as being possible. But whether you do this at the first interview, or leave it to a later stage, is a matter of your gut feel for how the interview is going.

One final point: if the advert isn’t so clear about what flexibility is possible, it’s a good idea to call and ask the HR Department before you apply. Another good question to ask is whether they already have people working flexibly in the type of role in question.

Good luck with your job applications! 


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