Returning to work with Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds return to workHave you taken a career break from a role in professional services or banking? And are you ready and raring to re-start your career? Lloyds Banking Group’s  award-winning 'Returnship Programme' has been running for over 4our years. This 16 week paid returnship programme aims to support people through their transition and, all being well, lead to a permanent position.

Meaningful work

The returnship programme is no lightweight ‘work experience’ scheme. Far from it – participants are given meaningful work in a collaborative environment. Previous participant Rob Carmichael found that he gained genuine exposure to the ongoing business of the bank. He was quickly able to establish a cross-business internal network, and gained insight into strategic direction. At the end of the programme, Rob took on a permanent role (on a four day week basis, to suit his parenting commitments) as a Relationship Director in Mid Markets.

Plenty of support

The Group understands how daunting it can be to return to work after a long career break – and the programme is specifically designed for people who haven’t worked for at least two years. Previous returner Seung Yun Lee Oxley found the programme to be hugely supportive. There were training sessions, workshops, networking events to meet people across the bank, a mentor from a past returnship programmes, and even the opportunity to update her regulatory CISI qualification. In this reassuring environment, Seung was soon able to "re-discover what I enjoyed about the job."

A permanent job at the end of the programme – with agile working

And in case you didn’t know it, Lloyds Banking Group is a true leader in offering agile working to its staff – so a permanent role at the end of the returnship programme is likely to offer some flexibility around where and when the work happens. Amanda Hunter (previous returner and now a Relationship Director at the Group) found the culture to be very open-minded on this, and recommends that participants “Think about what you really want… and ask for it. It may not be available, but if you haven’t asked you won’t know.”

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