mcomAt MediaCom we believe that everything starts and ends with our people. This is the cornerstone of our ‘People First’ philosophy. Our People Vision is to be the agency everyone wants to work for because we have the best opportunities to grow your career and be part of an inclusive and inspiring culture.

One of the ways we bring this to life is through our approach to flexible working. We offer flexibility both in terms of time and location. We encourage our people to work in a way that best suits their lives. To some that means 4 days a week, to others it might be reduced hours. For a lot of our people, it means simply working away from the office when it suits them, be it at home, a café or down the road at the British Museum. We measure success based on output rather than time spent in the office.

In an industry where talent is in short supply, our approach to flexible working is one of the ways to ensure we hire and retain the best people. We know a more rigid approach would be a barrier for many of the great people that make up our agency. We have extended flexibility to new hires as well as existing staff, the most recent example being our Joint Managing Director of London who joined us on 4 days per week.

We will consider all requests for flexible working and actively encourage candidates to raise this at the interview stage if they want to work flexibly. Although we might not be able to accommodate every request, we are committed to making it work when we can.

Careers at MediaCom:

“I’m very grateful to be part of a company that thinks progressively and wants to make work ‘work’ for everyone.”

With two young kids and a husband that works full-time, flexible working is not a nice-to-have but a necessity for me. In those times when we have both had to work five days a week, our lives have become a ridiculous whirlwind of bewildered children, half-conversations and domestic chaos which was no fun for any of us. For our family, we only get the right balance when one of us is working part-time so there’s a clear day when we can be there for the kids and spend a bit of time sorting the stuff that just doesn’t get done when we’re both working.

Since having children, I had a great four-day week role at my previous company and I think this kept me committed and loyal to the business I’d worked at for a long time. But, if truth be told, I think my own prejudice was convincing me it wasn’t really possible to do a more senior job in four days and that stopped me from pushing for a bigger role – especially one in another company. And then MediaCom came along, with the offer of working as an MD on four days a week. Not only was it a hugely exciting role but it also spoke volumes about the type of business MediaCom really is. Because a company that wants to open up the conversation around new ways of working, is a company that values different types of people with different needs from work.

I think we’ll look back in a few years and realise exactly how unhealthy and counter-productive rigid working hours really are. Until then, I’m very grateful to be part of a company that thinks progressively and wants to make work ‘work’ for everyone.

 Satin Reid, Joint Managing Director

“I know that MediaCom’s pro-flexible working stance is rare.”

I have been at MediaCom for 10 years. I genuinely love MediaCom and as such, I have worked my butt off! In return, I have been rewarded with a willingness from key stakeholders (to an extent that I could never have imagined) to fit work around my new living arrangements.

Two years ago I decided to move closer to family (free babysitters) in Nottinghamshire. I never dreamt for a second that MediaCom would keep me. In fact, I started looking for gainful employment in the Midlands. It was my husband who convinced me to think outside the box and, rather than focus on the things I couldn’t do whilst working remotely/part-time, to focus on the things I could do. Well, that’s what I did and after crying on a number of my colleagues, I presented them with reasons to believe and a speculative job spec. I am hugely grateful for their willingness to approach my situation with an open mind.

I have a close team around me with whom I have gained trust and as a result they believe in me and trust that I will get the job done regardless of my location. I now work 4 days remotely from my new home in Nottinghamshire, and one day in the London office. The difference it has made to my family is really significant and that drives me to work harder for the people that have put faith in me as I know that MediaCom’s pro-flexible working stance is rare.

Gemma Jebb, Associate Director

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