mercerAt Mercer we are open to flexible and part-time working arrangements for new hires. The aim of our flexible working policy is to enable employees to balance work and home life more effectively, whilst meeting the needs of our business. This is another step towards us being an employer of choice. We encourage you to discuss your requirements with us when you apply for a role (we’re very flexible!)

Careers at Mercer:

Balancing my children and career

Ann Marie Williams, Principal, Mercer

During 2015, after over 17 years of working for one organisation I decided to re-evaluate my career and consider my future development and prospects.

It wasn’t an easy decision moving from an organisation where I was well respected and had many happy years. I was very conscious that moving was likely to be an upheaval and with two small children aged 5 and 3 it was essential to find a new organisation who could offer me the opportunity to develop my career, whilst also providing an equitable balance between work and home life.

quote [square]My children are extremely important to me and I want to spend quality time with them as they grow up. I want to be there to pick them up from school, help them with their homework, put them to bed and enjoy the school holidays with them. At the same time however, I enjoy my career and working with clients.

So ultimately, to achieve this, I needed a role with flexibility. A role that would enable me to work from home when needed and flex my hours accordingly but still provide me with an opportunity to develop my career. A significant part of my role involves managing clients and therefore whilst having flexibility I am very conscious that flexibility works both ways in that there are times that I need to be flexible in order to ensure that client needs are met.

Mercer is passionate about flexible and part-time working and has created a business model that is built upon a dedicated, professional workforce that isn’t locked into the 9-5.

I joined Mercer as a senior client facing member of the Retirement team, with a focus on client growth. I have a flexible hours arrangement where I work 80% of full time hours over the year, on average. During school term time, I work a 90% week, working five days a week, but leaving early two days a week to pick up my children from school. This enables me to arrange play dates after school with their friends and take them swimming. The days I leave early are flexible and may change depending on client needs. I also have the flexibility to work at home when required which comes in useful if there is a parents’ evening or the school sports day.

Then during school holidays I work less hours, which balances out my hours to be 80% over the year. This enables me to spend more time with them during school holidays and of course helps with childcare arrangements over part of the holidays. I find that my clients also tend to be on holiday during these periods and I try to schedule the weeks I take off not to clash with any client requirements.

Having this flexibility means I’ve been able to combine the opportunity to develop my career whilst also spending time with my family.

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