My Timewise Story

tw storyI had a job working 28 hours a week for about 3 years (since my son was 7 years old), but was made redundant because the firm merged with another organisation that had a policy against flexible/part time working. I decided not to accept a full time position with the new company because my son had just become a chorister.

As a single parent, this seemed like an amazing opportunity for my child, although it meant I had to collect him from his primary school and whizz down to choir practice every evening. So I needed to find a new job that fitted with that. I also needed to work to pay the fees!

I attended a flexible working careers fair at the Business Design Centre and they provided me with Timewise Jobs’ details. At the same time I also made many applications through agencies. I was offered some great full time positions! But none could find me a part time job

After a few days of responding to adverts I found on your website, I received a reply to an application for a Paralegal/Administrator. The job was a great match for my qualifications, skills and previous experience. After 2 weeks of telephone interviews and a face to face interview, I received a phone call letting me know that my application had been successful. 

I was out of work in total for 1 month since accepting redundancy and had turned down 2 full time job offers in that time. Full time hours just weren’t possible with all I needed to fit in for my son. 

However, this job enabled me to take my son to rehearsals and further down the line I was able to take him to his singing performances with some amazing companies such as the English National Opera. The educational opportunity has been second to none and life changing for my child. It has also enabled me to continue working through it all and so I do not have a huge gap on my CV. 

Now my son is older, my next step will be to brush up my skills, improve my qualifications and try to find the next step up - the difficulty at the moment is finding a course which I can combine with working part time and having evening childcare responsibilities. But hopefully with my flexible job and the aid of Timewise Jobs, I will be able to continue to move onwards and upwards.

By Alethea Sacker

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