Exploring the options for part-time apprenticeships

Flexible Apprenticeship Programme As you may know, the government is aiming for there to be 3 million apprentices by 2020. But although the number of people taking part in apprenticeship schemes is on the increase, there are many groups – particularly women, people with caring responsibilities, people with disabilities and young people leaving the care system – who are currently shut out. And the simple reason is that most apprenticeships are full-time.

Here at Timewise, we’re focused on making career opportunities available to everyone, however flexibly they need to work. So we’re delighted to be working with the Young Women’s Trust, Trust for London and the Learning and Work Institute to find out the best way to make apprenticeships an option for people who can’t work full time.

The project will see us talking to employers to find out what the barriers and opportunities are, and working with them to design part-time roles. And our project partners will be having similar conversations with other groups, such as training providers and learners.

By the time the project concludes, we’re expecting to have developed some innovative solutions for part-time and flexible apprenticeships that will really open up this way of working. And we’ll be able to demonstrate to businesses why they need to take part-time apprenticeships seriously – and what their next steps should be.

We believe that part-time apprenticeships are an important part of increasing the availability of quality, flexible jobs, and will make a real difference to people for whom full-time work just isn’t an option.  The team’s conclusions will be published in the autumn, and we’re looking forward to sharing them with you. 

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