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simmondsAt Simmons & Simmons we seek to attract and retain talented people from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, to create an exciting and rewarding place to work. The firm is supportive of flexible working arrangements wherever possible and we would encourage you to discuss this with us during the interview process, should this be something you are interested in.

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4 days a week, from day one of my new job

Sasha Wagner, Supervising Associate, Simmons & Simmons

I recently joined Simmons & Simmons as a Supervising Associate and I work four days a week with Wednesday being my non-working day. I worked four days a week at my previous firm and joined Simmons & Simmons on the same basis so I did not have to make a formal application to do so. There was never an issue about this and in fact I was pleased that the partners who interviewed me made a point of emphasising the firm’s support of flexible working.


This was certainly part of what attracted me to the firm – I felt that (and this has been borne out) even if I did have to travel to London more frequently I would be compensated in terms of being able to work flexibly otherwise (for example being able to work from home or vary my hours so that I can pick up my daughter when she goes to school in September).

I don’t actually see myself as working “part-time”- I just happen not to be in the office on a Wednesday. Even if you work “full time” you will have meetings or commitments that mean that you will not always be able to work on every matter. So everyone has to manage their time. It’s just that I have to manage my time every week and in particular I have to bear in mind that I will not be in the office on a Wednesday and thus manage clients’ and colleagues’ expectations.

I would say that the way to make flexible working work is through good communication. I now am very upfront with clients and colleagues about when I’m not in the office and I have found clients to be very supportive of it – after all they usually have flexible working arrangements as well!

Joining Simmons & Simmons on a four-day week has allowed me to continue progressing my career, whilst retaining that precious time that makes my work-life, work. Flexible hiring really is a no-brainer.

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