Six things to do when you’re unemployed

6 thingsIt's common to feel unhappy and deflated when you're not in work, but it’s important to keep productive and motivated. Here are our top six tips on what you can do to improve your job prospects and keep your spirits high!



Treat applying for jobs as a job in itself: wake up early, have a healthy breakfast to keep you energised, and find somewhere quiet where you can work on your applications without getting distracted!

Give yourself a target of how many jobs you want to apply for, and make a list of what you achieve that day, so you can review how productive you’ve been. Keep your days structured to avoid feeling overwhelmed.



Volunteering is a great way to fill a missing gap on your CV. It is highly admired by employers as it shows you like to keep busy.

Although volunteering isn’t paid, you will learn some beneficial and transferable skills for your next paid job. It can be a real mood booster too. Knowing you’re helping a community can be a highly rewarding and fulfilling experience, and can make you feel positive during your job hunt.


Follow up

Following up a job application is just as important as the application itself.

You should consider sending a thank you email or letter after the interview. Handwritten letters are a nice touch as it shows your effort in showing your appreciation.  


Job Alerts

Set up job alerts so you can be the first to know when a job opportunity that suits your preferences arises. This will make your job search a lot easier, as it will save you trawling through job sites. You can set up alerts for part time jobs here at Timewise Jobs.



Boosting your skill-set is also a helpful way of keeping productive during unemployment. Look for training courses or qualifications that are relevant to what you want to do, especially the ones that are free and can be completed online. This will keep your CV refreshed and could open up more job opportunities.



CVs that are forwarded to an employer from someone within the company are likely to get fuller attention. Utilise and expand your network by connecting with ex colleagues or relevant professionals on LinkedIn. Make sure your family and friends know you’re looking for work too, so they can keep an eye out for possible work opportunities for you. Having a large network definitely helps in landing jobs, so be active in getting your name out there.

All the best with your job search!

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