Six tips on how to set up job alerts

job alertOnce you’ve figured out which jobs boards are right for you, your next step in landing a job is to set up job alerts.

For those unsure of what these alerts are, they are notifications that are emailed to you when a job that suits your preferences pops up. This means you won’t need to keep checking job sites continuously, trawling through hundreds of roles in the hope of finding one that’s relevant to you. To get the most from your job hunt, follow our top six tips below on how to use job alerts effectively.


1. Daily alerts

When filling out the criteria for your job alerts, most job boards will offer you the choice on whether you want to receive alerts daily or weekly - our top recruitment consultants advise you to tick the daily option. Although it may seem like an irritating prospect to receive emails from a job site every day, it will help you find suitable jobs much quicker. Jobs get snapped up very quickly, and you would hate to miss out on a great opportunity because you were simply out of time.


2. Quotations

If you’re looking for an exact type of position, ensure to type the role you want in the search tool with quotation marks, e.g. “Marketing Director”, rather than simply ticking the marketing category. This way, you will only receive alerts for this exact kind of position, otherwise, you could be inundated with alerts for roles that are irrelevant and not accurately matched to what you’re looking for. 


3. Be specific

Make sure to state which location you’d prefer and the salary you want. This will narrow your search even more to ensure your job alerts will be as specific as possible to suit your preferences.


4. Part time & flexible options

If you’re using a part time jobs board, look to see if you can narrow your search by the days you’re prepared to work – you can do this on Timewise Jobs. When using job sites that do not specialise in flexibility, you should find a part time tick box in the job alert form.


5. Companies

If you’re interested in seeking a job within a particular company you like, you can set up an alert that will inform you as soon as there is a job opening at that company. This will save you ‘stalking’ their website every day and help you find out about new jobs quicker! Set up a company job alert by typing their name in quotation marks in the search tool.


6. Experiment

If the job alerts you set up don’t deliver the results you were hoping for, go back and adjust your preferences until they do. Job alerts are worth experimenting with a few times to ensure every alert is useful and relevant.


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