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virginAt Virgin Money we recognise the importance of our colleagues in the success of our business. The adage of ‘looking after our colleagues so they can focus on looking after our customers’ is more than a strap line; it’s the cornerstone of our philosophy of making everyone better off. Virgin Money has an industry-leading colleague engagement score, which reflects our commitment to providing colleagues with a variety of options to achieve a good balance to their work and family life.

We want our colleagues to work for us at times that work for them. That means we’ll consider flexible working arrangements for all our colleagues, and for certain roles we’ll match flexible working arrangements that candidates have with their current employer – no questions asked. Candidates simply need to let us know at application stage and we’ll see what we can do.

Careers at Virgin Money:

“Everyone’s Better Off” (EBO) is core to the Virgin Money culture, and drives everything we do. My flexible working arrangement is completely EBO.

Case study: Jenny Charteris, Leadership and Talent Manager, Newcastle

I joined Virgin Money in August 2016 after more than 20 years in Leadership and Organisation consulting. The flexibility of consulting gave me the freedom to build a portfolio of other interests, including a couple of non-executive roles and advisory work for a few non-profits whose work I really care about. My husband has always been incredibly supportive of my career, enabling me to travel away for work pretty much every week even when our children were very young.

ebo [square]But I had, for some time, felt the need to travel less, though it didn’t seem likely that I would find a role based near home in Newcastle where I could do the sort of work I love and have the flexibility to maintain my non-exec and non-profit interests. When a great role came up at Virgin Money, it took a bit of courage to ask whether they would consider a flexible arrangement that would allow me to continue my external commitments. Wonderfully, Virgin Money was open to options, and we reached a flexible arrangement that worked both ways. Rather than taking a ‘set’ day out each week, my 1/5 of working time outside Virgin Money is planned to meet both the needs of the business and my external commitments.

The result is a win for everyone… my external board roles and advisory work give me a strategic perspective that I bring back to work at Virgin Money; my role at Virgin Money gives me ideas and networks that serve the outside world too. “Everyone’s Better Off” (EBO) is core to the Virgin Money culture, and drives everything we do. My flexible working arrangement is completely EBO… I have more to bring to the business from my outside interests, I can offer more to non-profits, and I get to do work I love without being away from home all week which is great for family life!

“Being able to transfer my flexible working arrangement into my new role was inspiring, and testament to the progressive culture at Virgin Money.”

Case Study: Emily Cox, Director of Public Affairs, Virgin Money

In December 2014 I had Aoife. I was determined to take six months’ off, but to share the year with my husband so he could take the second six months’ as shared parental leave. This decision was made a lot easier for me by my manager telling me that he would be ok if I changed my mind and I wanted to take longer. This took the pressure off. I did share the year and I found it a lot easier coming back to work knowing that Aoife was safely with her daddy and they would be doing all of the classes that I’d set up for them.

I worked full time whilst my husband was off work and then when Ross went back, we both submitted flexible working requests to work a 9 day fortnight. This means I have every other Friday as a ‘non-working day’ and Aoife spends Fridays with either her mummy or her daddy. This works really well for me as it enables me to balance a fulfilling and busy career with being a parent. Flexibility across the other 9 days is really important, but I protect my non-working day as my precious time with my daughter.

I travel quite a bit with my job and whilst I do have overnight stays away from home,  I plan my days to ensure that when I am in Newcastle I will pick up and drop off my daughter from nursery.

I was offered my latest role after I’d started working my 9 day fortnight. Being able to transfer my flexible working arrangement into my new role was inspiring, and testament to the progressive culture at Virgin Money.


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