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The good and the bad of Timewise JobsThank you to all candidates who have taken part in our surveys. Your feedback about the Timewise Jobs website is really useful to us.

It’s been great to read your (mostly) encouraging comments - appreciating us, in the words of one candidate, as ‘An organisation that recognises the value of part time jobs in meaningful roles’. We couldn’t put it better ourselves!

Of course, there’s always room for improvement, and we would like to take this opportunity to respond to some questions and concerns you have raised. Some of them we can do something about, others are simply to do with the nature of the business.

Below, we have taken a sample comment for each of the most common areas raised by candidates, and given our feedback. Hope it’s helpful…

1.  Is there a way I could follow up on the status of my applications? Perhaps a contact telephone number or direct email?
This is the most common question of all. The short answer is ‘no’, and this is because Timewise Jobs is a jobsite, not a recruitment agency. We provide an online space where employers can advertise their part time jobs. It’s similar to an employer advertising a job in a newspaper – and when you apply to a job in a newspaper, you don’t go to the newspaper to follow up on the progress of your application. When you apply to a job on Timewise Jobs, your application goes direct to the employer, not to us, and we have no contact with the employer through the selection process. Sorry!

2.  I’ve applied for lots of jobs and I never hear anything back
We know it’s frustrating not to get feedback from employers, and we do encourage all our employers to get back to candidates, even if it’s simply to let them know they have not been successful. However, it’s impossible for us to enforce this. Please be aware that, as described in the question above, staff at Timewise Jobs are not involved in the selection process and are unable to give feedback – we don’t even know when a job is filled.

3.  Timewise Jobs is a great website but it’s very London centric. It would be great to see more jobs in the midlands/north of England.
Yes, we’re aware of this and know it’s an issue. We don’t actually put more effort into London than other areas, so we think the bias must be because we were originally founded by the organisation ‘Women Like Us’, which is London based. That was only 16 months ago and it will probably take a few years for the regional bias to even out.

4.  It would be really useful to be able to meet with the recruitment team to discuss getting back into the workplace as …  there is no opportunity for feedback on how future applications may be better submitted.
This kind of feedback tends to be provided by recruitment agencies rather than jobsites. We have a sister-company, Timewise Recruitment, which is a recruitment agency and which advertises their part time jobs on our website. If you apply for one of their jobs and are selected for initial interview, their consultants would advise you on how best to present your CV.

Alternatively, another company in our group is Women Like Us. They run CV clinics which you may find helpful. Although Women Like Us is aimed mainly at women with children, the CV Clinic would be suitable for any candidate and you would be very welcome to attend.

5.  There are not enough jobs at senior levels. I am looking for a job at £80k+ and there are never more than 1 or 2 jobs.
Yes, we want more jobs on our site too, at all levels. We’re still a relatively new jobsite and are working hard to try to grow.

Our Timewise Partners initiative aims to grow the acceptance of flexible working at large corporate businesses, including offering flexibility at the recruitment stage. And our Power Part Time initiative aims to showcase role models for senior level part time working, so that more and more companies see that it IS possible. Over time, increased acceptance will lead to greater opportunities.

6.  There are not enough entry level jobs. I do not have the experience that your jobs ask for.
Sorry, but Timewise Jobs was set up to be for ‘part time jobs for people with skills and experience’. This is because our research showed that this is where there is the greatest shortage of part time vacancies. Entry level part time jobs are in relatively plentiful supply on all of the mass-market jobsites.

7.  It would help if you could attach your covering letter and CV as two individual documents. I may be wrong but I could only attach one document to the job application.
You’re right - when you apply, you send an email and attach 1 document - your CV. Your covering letter should be sent as email content. And definitely DO write a covering-letter style email, as employers expect it (a one-liner saying your CV is attached is not going to set you apart from the competition!).


Thanks again to those who took part in the survey and provided your views. We hope this feedback to you is helpful.


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