Why Diageo is supporting the Timewise Power 50

Timewise Power 50By Andrew Porter, Diageo’s Recruitment Transformation Lead, and Brady Grange, Human Resources Director at Diageo

This year’s Power 50 awards mark an important tribute to the success stories of Britain’s flexible workforce. While there are sure signs of growth in the flexible jobs market, showcased most notably by those individuals previously celebrated by Timewise, there is still a long way to go to dispel the stigmas surrounding flexible working.

A host of obstacles continue to deter people from pursuing flexible arrangements that work for them. A lack of positions offering flexible roles with higher salary brackets being just one example.

In June the Timewise Flexible Jobs Index found that the number of positions that offered flexible working fell from one in five, to one in ten as the salary bracket moved from between £14,000 and £19,999 to between £20,000 and £34,000. The situation gets worse the higher up the salary band you go.

The result is that companies are increasingly missing out on some of the best and brightest talent as they fail to cater for individual circumstances, subsequently shrinking the pool of potential employees.

At Diageo - we know that for our business to thrive and realise its ambition, we depend on having diverse talent with a range of backgrounds, skills and capabilities in each of the 180 countries in which we operate and to reflect our broad consumer base.

That is why we want to attract, retain and develop the best talent for our company, so we offer a variety of options, including part-time roles, such as job shares, home working and compressed hours, to suit individual circumstances.

Last year’s winner, Louise Cruttenden, European Innovation Marketing Director at Diageo, is a striking example of this: “It was an honour to be recognised in last year’s Power Part Time list. One year on and I continue to successfully perform the responsibilities my role requires while working a four day week. The fact that I can lead in one of the most dynamic and fast growing areas of the business is testament to my determination and Diageo’s inclusive culture.”

In our mind, diversity is one of the key enablers that helps our business to grow. Our values, purpose and standards set the conditions for us to respect the unique contribution each person brings. That’s why we are so committed to finding working arrangements that work for our people.

We’re delighted to once again be supporting the 2017 Power 50 awards, as it celebrates the achievements and hard work of those employees and employers that have made flexible working work for them.

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