Why I'd recommend Lloyds Banking Group's Returners Programme

Jasmine Kohli Lloyds_300x200Jasmine Kohli completed the Group's returners programme in 2019, and now has a permanent role as a Relationship Manager. In this Q&A interview, she shares her experience.

Why did you decide to apply for the Lloyds Banking Group Returners Programme?

After a 3 year career break, I was anxious about returning to the Banking sector and this was the first role that seemed to acknowledge those anxieties and support someone back into doing something they loved.

I enquired within my network to those who worked at LBG and the responses were resoundingly positive around the overall culture at the Bank.

What was your experience of the programme?

During the recruitment process, I found HR incredibly empathetic and helpful to my needs as a parent – I wanted to work with a flexible working arrangement and this was not a contentious issue, to my surprise.

I loved the format of the programme – I really valued the induction, which included an introduction to the Group and the opportunity to learn about its different Divisions. It was great to meet fellow returners in my cohort and share experiences. You may be surprised to learn that we are still all in contact, over a year on.

When moving into the Commercial office, it was great to be in an actual role, where I was able to make a difference. I feared that I would just end up doing administrative tasks but I was able to perform the day job, which was really motivating and enjoyable.

What’s life like in Lloyds Banking Group since rolling off the programme?

While Covid-19 has slightly changed my experience and that of others, I now have my own portfolio of customers and am enjoying building relationships with both colleagues and customers alike.

There are plenty of opportunities outside of your core role. For example, I have become the Inclusion & Diversity champion for the region and am working with colleagues from around the country to help make SME (small and medium enterprises) & MC (mid-corporate) a more inclusive place to work, which is something that I am hugely passionate about.

I am also involved in the Women in Leadership programme; the Group’s Sponsorship Programme and finally the Midlands and South Wales Senior Leadership Academy which are designed to help colleagues with their career development plan.

Your advice to someone who’s thinking of applying…

Do it!

To the cynics amongst you, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how committed the Group is to ensuring a flexible, inclusive and diverse working culture. This is by no means a tick box exercise and in fact, a unique, well-thought out and superbly executed programme, which delivers on its promises.


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