Why Kellogg’s supports the ‘Hire me my way’ Campaign

kellogsNick Dawson, Sales Director, Specialty Channel

Here at Kellogg’s we are proud to be supporting the ‘Hire Me My Way’ campaign. As one of the leading employers in the north west, we are increasingly seeing the business need to not only retain our current talent through flexible working arrangements, but increasingly to attract external high quality hires who from the outset desire to work flexibly.

Flexible hiring therefore seems to be a natural next step. Here at Kellogg’s we have recognised the need to pro-actively communicate our willingness to offer flexible working wherever we can. In this way we will ensure that we do not miss any strong candidates who are actively seeking flexible working and those for whom it is actually an imperative to them being available to work.

Here in the Sales team at Kellogg’s I am seeing a growing demand for flexible working from our current employees. When I say ‘flexible working’ I am referring to it in its broadest sense: part-time hours, flexible hours, place of work, both formal and ad-hoc requests.

Where we have been able to accommodate individual requests the business benefits are clear. We have retained some of our highest performers who we might otherwise have seen leave the business and we have continued to build a pipeline of strong female talent. Gender diversity across the Sales team is an area of particular focus and I feel sure that flexible working is key to retaining high performing females and women returning from maternity leave.

However, here at Kellogg’s, flexible working is not only triggered by individual requests and is certainly not exclusive to females. For example, we have a long standing ‘summer hours’ initiative whereby during the period from May to September  people can finish work from noon onwards on Friday once their work for the week is completed. This is a valued benefit and one which enables employees to flexibly manage their workload to take advantage of an earlier finish time.

In the Sales team we have also recently introduced a ‘work from anywhere’ philosophy which supports our view that we can work more productively by not always insisting that people are ‘present’ in the office. The introduction of new office technology is a key enabler to remote working and the reduction in time spent travelling to meetings is flexible time that employees can re-direct to family and other outside interests.

Of course, it is not always possible to offer flexible working for all roles. The trick is to find a way to balance the needs of the business, our Customers, individual employees and the broader team. Where we are able to do this and meet individual needs, I can see that it usually results in a re-energised employee and commitment to drive results. A win- win for both the individual and the business!

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