Why Timewise Jobs is a social enterprise

More about Timewise Jobs hands togetherTimewise Jobs is the UK’s only jobsite entirely dedicated to flexible and part time jobs. We aim to provide one place where you can find any and all kinds of good quality vacancies that are flexible in some way.

We are a jobsite, which means that employers can advertise their vacancies directly through us, and know that they can reach incredible people like you.  This much, you probably know – but did you also know that we are part of a multi award winning social enterprise, that helps people to find work, at their level of skill and ability, that they can fit with other commitments in life?

Social businesses, or social enterprises, as most people know them – have ‘double bottom lines’ – one financial, and one social. They are ‘for profit’, with money that is made locked into social good.

Timewise Jobs has a sister business, running an advice and support service for parents and carers looking for part time work (Women Like Us), which offers guidance on everything from CVs, to interviews, to how to brush up rusty IT skills. Money made via the two recruitment businesses goes into the provision of free careers support for those from low income backgrounds, via Women Like Us.

Why do we do it all? Because we believe the world of work is changing, that the recruitment industry hasn’t caught up. This is causing people who need part time work a distinct social disadvantage. Some have had career breaks – often because they have been raising young children – and need a little support along the way.

We believe that people should be helped to find part time jobs that allow them to work to the maximum – not a tenth – of their potential. And that such incredible talent should be visible for employers and easy to recruit.  This is good for business, good for candidates and good for the economy.

Our overall aim is to build a fluid, vibrant recruitment market for part time and flexible jobs, so that anyone, no matter what their background or reason for needing part time work, can find a job at their level of skill and ability.  

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