Work Agility at Deloitte

agilityAt Deloitte, we understand that high performance doesn’t have to mean working full-time – we recognise that people are juggling their careers with commitments and interests outside of work. So, for us it is imperative that our people are able to balance a successful and fulfilling career with these interests.

This is why Deloitte is backing Timewise’s Hire Me My Way campaign to help grow the UK’s flexible jobs market. Flexible hiring will help enable us to continue to attract the best people; to us, being the best doesn’t mean a full time presence.

Flexible working framework

In 2014 we launched our Deloitte WorkAgility Framework, a means through which our people are able to work in a flexible/agile way (either formally, for example through reduced hours, or informally – for example through working from home) while still developing and enjoying a successful career. The framework is a business priority and so was introduced following extensive consultation and agreement with our firm’s Executive. Nearly two years later we have won awards for our Time Out Programme, through which our people can take a month’s unpaid leave (without having to provide a reason) at a time that suits both them and the business, and WorkAgility is firmly engrained as business as usual.

The framework is underpinned by three principles; trust and respect, open and honest communication and judging on output. Through following these principles, we are able to ensure that our people are able to work in a way that suits both them and their team and the overall business. This is about empowering our people to make the right choices, but knowing that the choice will be made through careful consideration of their own needs and those of the team. There is also an open discussion about expectations and our people will be trusted to work in a way that works for both sides.

Supporting the Hire Me My Way campaign is the latest step in a number of actions following on from the introduction of WorkAgility; in 2015 we updated over 1,000 job descriptions to clearly state that we are open to discussing agile working arrangements with candidates.

The recruitment process

To this end, all our recruiters have been trained to be able to discuss agile working with candidates – it is our aim to put candidates at ease and encourage them to share how they prefer to work to balance outside responsibilities and interests. We are actively asking candidates to tell us about whether they were able to talk about agile working during the recruitment process and we are always looking for ways to improve. This interaction and openness in our approach to agile working is critical – if we can get past the point where someone may decide not to pursue a role for fear of asking whether it could be done through a flexible working arrangement we will reap even greater benefit.

Real stories

Telling Deloitte’s agile working stories on our website and through our film, Agile Me, is very important to us. We hope these inspiring stories will help to encourage constructive conversations during job interviews between candidates and recruiters.

As a working mother of young twins, I know the pressures of juggling a career with family commitments as well as anyone. I do work full time, but that is through choice. I do, however, ensure that I work in a way that suits my roles and my responsibilities as a parent. I have never missed a school event and work from home one day a week so I can drop off and collect my children. I am able to do this because I am judged on output, trusted and respected to make the right choices and because I am open and honest about the way that I work (and my colleagues in turn are open and honest with me). These are the principals that we ensure are embedded within our business and underpin the way we work.

I am proud that we are supporting this important campaign.

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