Work Anytime, Anywhere

Tim RodberThe workspace of the (near) future is going to see people working in very different ways. Both large and small companies need to attract employees who want to work more flexibly and this includes where and when they work.

Workers want more choice. And this is borne out by the companies featured in the Timewise Power Part Time List, those that attract the very best employees recognise the significant change that has taken place in the way we all work. To attract the best staff, you must offer them options that fit with comfortably with their lifestyle. Technology has enabled the workforce to work anytime, anywhere – employers have to recognise that this is an opportunity for them but one that comes with compromise in other forms.

Working practices are changing, with office workers and their employers gradually adopting a more relaxed view of the rigid nine to five, five days a week structure. The rise of co-working was one of the property stories of 2016. Growth of the market was only surpassed by client demand as operators expanded their operations and desk prices increased. To many within the industry, this has come as little surprise, as the growth of what they refer to as ‘flexible workspace’ is a trend that has been on the rise for some time.

Flexibility here is the key, and that points to a far more trusting work environment where employees are granted autonomy to manage their own time and the way in which the week is structured; from external meetings, to time spent in the physical office, and connectivity from home – resulting in better productivity and work/life balance. This is extremely important when retaining and growing the best talent, a practice that has long been understood by businesses which regularly employ part-time staff, and a practice that will continue to evolve with the growth of co-working.

The Power Part Time list demonstrates the importance these companies place on ‘adaptability’, resulting in a number of benefits on both sides. The flexibility ensures employee satisfaction and an inherent desire to work hard, and employers enjoy a motivated and dedicated team; a harmonious relationship in any business.

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