CV & cover letter

  • Skills first, flexibility later
    Karen Mattison, CEO, Timewise Jobs, believes candidates should lead with skills when applying for a part time or flexible job.
  • Our simple steps will help you sell the skills you acquired during a career break.
  • How to make sure your CV is successful and lands in the 'yes' pile.
  • These amusing mistakes will make sure you proofread your CV before hitting the Send button
  • Our cover letter tips will help you stand out from the competition and get you noticed.
  • Do you feel you are a victim of age discrimination when trying to get a job? Read our tips on how to deal with this.
  • Are you guilty of making one of these unforgiving CV mistakes? Read here to find out!
  • Your ‘personal statement’ is a short summary of your key skills and experience. It goes at the top of your CV and at the start of your Timewise Jobs profile. What you write makes a massive difference to whether or not an employer chooses to shortlist you...
  • When you're writing your CV or cover letter, stop thinking about what YOU want to say, and focus instead on what the employer wants to hear...