LR Legal Recruitment

139 Beckenham
137 High Street
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 8464 2503

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About LR Legal Recruitment

We don’t discriminate against the level of role that we recruit for or the candidate that we represent. What’s important is that we know you and therefore the type of client or candidate that will fit. One of our key strengths is to only send closely matched candidates for any given vacancy if we cannot immediately identify the right person or role we will say so. This transparent and honest approach ensures that our clients come back to us. Our clients attest that we are always professional, approachable, proactive and knowledgeable in our field. We always provide a bespoke and high-quality service.

We believe that for candidates, market expertise and knowledge combined with absolute trust are the vital ingredients in a successful relationship with a recruiter. Our candidates tell us we offer great advice, support and encouragement throughout the whole process. 

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