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About Big Society Capital

BSC is a globally unique organisation. Set up as an independent financial institution with a mission to develop a sustainable social
investment market in the UK, so that charities and social enterprises can grow their positive impact on society. We invest to
increase access to social investment for charities and social enterprises so they can continue to improve the lives of vulnerable and
disadvantaged people in the UK.

As an investor, BSC invests as a wholesaler, deploying capital through social investment funds and other social investment
intermediaries alongside co-investors. To date, BSC has managed its internal multi-asset fund of funds. As at end of Q2 2017, it
has committed £355m of its own capital (£1bn in total inclusive of match investment capital).

BSC also performs a “market championing” function by building awareness and understanding of social investment with mission
led investees and social investors. It has played a major role in improving the enterprise, investor and policy environment in which
social investments are made.

However, Big Society Capital’s task is still just beginning. As interest in impact investment has grown amongst investors, there is a
real opportunity to demonstrate how mission aligned capital can be successful in delivering long term impact in areas of greatest

BSC defines social investment as an investment where both investors and investees intends to make a positive social impact.

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