Big Society Capital

New Fetter Place
8-10 New Fetter Lane
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 7186 2500


About Big Society Capital

As the UK’s leading social impact investor, our role
is uniting capital, expertise and ideas to create
better lives.

Working with expert partners, we seek to
understand people’s needs first. Then, using our
knowledge and capital, we collaborate and invest
with fund managers who also want to create a
better, sustainable future.

They, and the social enterprises and charities they
invest in, create the impact. Our role is to bring
the most relevant experts from our network to the
table, generating ideas and connecting capital to
where it’s most needed.

We want to give more people and communities
the chance to have an impact on the issues they
care about – from affordable homes, to vulnerable
older people and preventing mental ill health. In
this way, we create opportunities for investors
and enterprises to generate systemic social
change, not just for today but for generations to

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