Haringey Education Partnership

River Park House
225 High Road
N22 8HQ
United Kingdom

About Haringey Education Partnership

Haringey Education Partnership is a new and innovative approach to ensuring all our children and young people have the very best learning opportunities to reach their full potential.

Working in partnership, Haringey’s schools and the local authority are committed to the next big step in developing a truly outstanding education system from Early Years through to Post-16. We already have a good system built on a strong collective ethos. Haringey Education Partnership has built on this to empower schools to work together to support and hold each other to account on behalf of our children and young people.

Haringey Education Partnership is designed, majority-owned and led by Haringey schools. It is run with the sole focus of ensuring all schools are as good as the best and none are left behind, with access to the very best support and challenge available locally and nationally, tailored to the needs of each school.

Haringey is a place where teachers and school leaders aspire to work and have the opportunity to develop their careers as part of a family of schools.

With the pressures on school budgets, Haringey Education Partnership delivers the best possible value for money and ensures we make the best collective use of the considerable resources already within the borough.

Together, we are responsible for delivering the best possible outcomes for all our children and young people.

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