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We're a financial services group with some 26 million customers and a history stretching back over 320 years. Today, more than ever, we're driven by our purpose to Help Britain Prosper.

To keep fulfilling that purpose as the world rapidly evolves, we know we need to grow. Grow our profits, so we can keep doing more to create a sustainable and inclusive future. Grow our ambitions as we take the lead in shaping finance as a force for good. And grow in terms of our agility, so we can support our people and enable each individual to contribute in a way that works for them.

We take pride in being a leader in flexibility and offer a wide array of flexible working options for different circumstances. How you work and the options available will depend on the role you're in, but we aim to offer the flexibility needed by everyone.

 For many of our office-based roles, we work in hybrid ways, which involves spending at least two days per week or 40% of their time at one of our office sites. Dependent on your role, other flexible options may be available, such as part-time or compressed hours, complete home-working or job share. ‘Find out how flexible working can work for you’ click here (this clicks out to the new flexible working page)

Ultimately, regardless of their role or hours worked, we want everyone who works with us to share our sense of purpose; the obsession with learning that enables us to build new skills and forge new paths; and, above all, the determination to make this a place where we can all be ourselves, feel supported in our work and valued for the unique contribution we bring.

We’re on an exciting journey. We know where we’re heading and we have the investment to get there. When you join us, you’ll feel that investment too.

Because when you grow, we grow, and together we'll Help Britain Prosper.

Choose Lloyds Banking Group and Grow with purpose.






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