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About Creative Mentor Network

We have a mission to make the creative world of work more inclusive through mentoring.

Our Story

Lack of Awareness

In schools and amongst parents in low-income communities, employment in the creative industries is perceived as a risky option. The students we meet often begin to rule out a career in the creative industries at an early age.

Hidden Job Market

The industry recruits through networks. Not knowing anyone who works in the creative sector can mean not understanding the roles available and the routes into them.


Gatsby Foundation research shows that young people who make 4+ professional connections while still in full-time education, are 5x more employable. We equip our young people with the social capital they need to achieve their potential.

Internships Culture

A culture of working for free means junior roles in the creative industries are only accessible to those with financial support.

Poor In-School Careers Services

The creative world of work is inherently unstructured. New roles are constantly being created and career trajectories in the sector are non-linear. This makes it hard to understand from the outside and means careers provision in schools is often outdated and irrelevant.

Lack of Soft Skills

With a focus on passing exams, schools in the UK often fail to equip young people with the soft skills and cultural capital they need to thrive in the creative world of work.

Arts Education

Cuts to arts education in mainstream schools mean many of the young people we meet don't have the opportunity to take the creative subjects they want as part of their curriculum.

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